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DreamCricket-Scoring Rules

DreamCricket is having fantasy cricket game for ODI,T20 and Tests. They basically have different scoring points for different type of cricket. Right now i will give stress only on ODI  scoring system as odi world cup is only a week ahead.

Points are awarded to each run scored ,wicket taken,catches,Stumping and even award for milestones like 100, 5 wickets etc. we will see each scoring aspect in detail.

1.Batting  Score Rules: here every run scored is awarded with $1. They have bonus $ for  50’s ,100’s and also cut off $ if any of your player outs for duck!!! they differentiate in cutting off $ based on type of the player. 
  • One thing important is they don’t have any point for 4’s or 6’s.and for Strike Rate.Keep this in mind while selecting your team. 
so summery batting point is below.
Batting Points and Bonus points for milestone in Batting
                                  Example:   if  Sehwag scores  120  runs  his earning will be calculated as –

2. Bowling  Score Rules: In case earning point bowling in bowling in not that simple.They are giving points to wicket earned. and calculation of bowling is dependent upon only economy rate.Instead of awarding points directly as per economy rate of the bowler,they are using one formula .The basic factor of formula is runs given in 10 overs. They consider 45 runs in 10 overs as median . Comparing to that they are calculating bowling points of any player according his performance and type.

  • There is no points for maiden over bowled.keep that in mind.

Bowling Points and Bonus points for milestone in Bowling

Their formula for bowling points is

Bowling Points Calculation Formula

Type of  the player and Runs given

Here maximum runs given are considered as 80,55,65,65 in 10 overs. If any player concedes more than these values still the max value is only considered to prevent big loss because of poor bowling

  • Imp note:A player has to have bowled a minimum of 18 balls (3 overs) to be evaluated under RUNS GIVEN(R) criteria.

Example : If  Bret lee has bowling  figures of  9-0-40-3. (Assumption:At this rate his will concede 50 runs in 10 overs. This is used as base of this calculation) his earning points calculated as..

3.Fielding  Score Rules: Catching,stumping and run outs are considered as dismissal and it will be awarded .But its value will depend upon type of player .

Points for number of dismissals

            Example: If  MS  Dhoni takes two catches and and does 1 stumping .

I hope you have little difficulty  in  understanding the scoring rules of DreamCricket Fantasy Game.
Please feel free to ask you doubt or giving any suggestion.
I am waiting for another Big sites to open up their Fantasy Cricket World Cup 2011 game .i will post that next article.


DreamCricket- The Game Rules !

I will explain basic concepts and rules in this article.This fantasy game is very interesting but reqiures more time to think ,analyze and then select the team .The scoring system is somewhat complicated but it is interesting! So lets play! 
This is game is based on points  you need to select team of 11 members.Batman makes runs,scores milestones like 50 or 100, bowler takes wickets, bowls economically, you will be rewarded. if any of your player outs for duck! damn !, your will lose points!  Basic idea is same like  most of the fantasy games .We will see every important rule in detail.
Dream Cricket  Basic Rules :
The rules you have to follow while creating your team.
1.You need to register with only one email id.You can create 3 teams using one email id.  If a User  registers more than 3 teams by using multiple e-mail ids , that user will be ruled ineligible for prizes. 
2.Once you register,You need to select 11 players for your team. Team combination should consist of –
  • 4 batsmen.
  • 4 bowlers
  • 2 All rounders
  • 1 wicket-keeper       
  • These all are  mandatory numbers you have to select team with this combination only.
3. Every player is assigned ‘Start price/value‘ in $  based on his reputation ,form,career stats,skills etc.once competition stars, this ‘start value ($)’ changes (down/up) based on his performance of the previous match.
Change of Player’s Value
4.You will be given maximum budget of say ‘x’ $  to select your team .This budget  is known as ‘SALARY CAP‘ .It means you need to select players within a budget of salary cap given to you. The value remained after selection counted as ‘Cash Balance‘ and you can use it for the next match/round.
Salary Cap may vary from tournament to tournament. it can  be10,000$ or can be 1,00,000$.
Salary Cap
5.Deadline / Roster : In every fantasy game deadline / roster is of top most importance.Make sure you create or change your team before roster closes. If any changes are made during the freeze period, no points will be awarded for that match.Be alert & keep the track of freezing schedule.
6.TIE SCORE :  You need to set a TIE -SCORE while creating your team.This TIE SCORE will be used as a tie breaker in order to determine the winner. In case your DreamTeam is tied with another DreamTeam at the end of the fantasy tournament, the TIE-SCORE which is the closest to the actual Winning Team’s score in the last match of the Fantasy Competition will be declared the winner. e.g- India 290/8 (50 Overs) beat Pakistan 252/9 (50 Overs), closest tie-score to 290 will be the winner.
I hope you have understood the basic concept of the game. Go ahead and Create your team! dont forget you can create max 3 teams! i will explain scoring rules in the coming post. 
Do u find above information useful?  Your valuable suggestions will be appreciated.