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Fantasy Cricket T20 WORLD CUP 2012

I have found some new fantasy cricket sites . Some of them are offering prizes .  There are still 36 hrs left  for T20 world cup to start ,So you can create your team on these fantasy cricket sites and enjoy the game.

Fantasy Cricket sites are listed below

1.Fantasycricket11.com :- This site runs two types of game .One is Point based Fantasy Cricket and other Match Prediction game. This site offers some prizes for the T20 World cup2012. Fantasy cricket game on this site is point system game. You need to register on the site and select 11 players in one of combinations provided.your team will score points according to the runs scored ,wicket taken,and other performance Each player is given some cost(virtual cost ). total cost must not exceed  60. Tjere are total 8 transfers are allowed in whole series. Please checkout transfer deadlines on the website itself.You can find out more details on how to play here –  How To Play . You can find scoring rules here- Scoring Rules.  User is allowed to create Maximum 2 team per competition per account.


Prizes for the T20 WORLD CUP :

1st Prize: $20 Amazon Gift Card ; 2nd Prize: $15 Amazon Gift Card ; 3rd Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card ;

4th Prize: $5 Amazon Gift Card ; 5th Prize: $5 Amazon Gift Card Match Predictor winner : $10 Amazon Gift Card.

So create your team and have fun.

2.T20dreamteam.sportal.com.au : This site runs  point based Fantasy Cricket game .  Site offers prizes in form of gift vouchers. Registration is closed for the new entry. I will create my team once it accepts registration again. If you want to find out more go to the following links.

How to Play

Scoring Rules ,Guide


3.Bonuscricket.com : Bonuscricket is different kind of Prediction fantasy cricket game. There will be 20 questions asked during the t20match based on that particular game.every question will be running for some time period.User need to answer that question withing that time duration only. Points will be given to the  every answer. +1 point for the correct answer ,-1 for the incorrect answer and no point for the passed out question.The member with the maximum no of points at the end of the match will be  considered as the winner. when you score 11 point you will get 1 trophy and prizes are based on these number of trophies you get. You can redeem these trophies for the prizes. There is one other concept of coins which you can use to increase you points. Coins are the paid ones and you need to purchase that.

Prizes for the T20 WORLD CUP 2012 :  Prizes are shown below. Prizes for T20 world cup 2012 will be given in Gift Card formats.

Bonuscricket Prizes for T20 World Cup 2012


For the more information about the game please go to the following links..

Rules & How To Play



So Register on the Bonuscricket.com and enjoy playing prediction and win some cool prizes.Please enter my  Referral code  – d3F09xu715YfP07sbR36  at the time of registration.

4.Ultimatedreamteams :  Ultimate dreamteam’s Fantasy Cricket is point system based game.Ulteamte Dreameteam runs fantasy Games for various sports like Rugby,F1 etc..You can find more information on  http://www.ultimatedreamteams.com

You can find out more information about the Ultimatedreamteams fantasy cricket game on the following links..

How to Play

Scoring points



I hope you would like to play fantasy Cricket games on these website. Please share your experiences here.If You find any other fantasy Cricket site please post here i will add them to the list.Thank You!












ICC T20 WORLD CUP 2012:Cricketinc

Cricketinc have tradition of giving big cash prizes for major tours..and For T20 World Cup they are no short of that. The t20’s biggest challenge is starting in two days. Cricketinc recently completed fantasy cricket for two tournaments Pakistan vs Australia & England vs South Africa. Total Prizes for the Cricketinc’s fantasy World Cup T20 are of 1465 US$ ! For more information about Cricketinc’s fantasy game checkout my post in the archives – Cricketinc- game

Most of the big teams have prepared well for the world Cup except West Indies who had a good rest of almost a month.T20 is the one format in which less popular teams like Ireland,Netherlands,Zimbabwe can upset the bigger teams.It will be fun to watch these nail biting fast T20 cricket battles in Sri lanka.



Cricketinc :Lets Play some  fantasy cricket which is closer to real cricket game on  Cricketinc.com

Prizes are divided into 3 sections-
1.Tournament prizes (US $310)
2.Fantasy Match prizes (US $735)
3.League prizes (US 420$)
Fantasy matches are  divided into daily games & Round Games .. There are total total 14 daily Games , 5 Round games and  semifinals and winner of each match final will get prize of US 20 $ & runner up will get 15$.

1. Tournament prizes (US $310) :

Only top 5 ranked users will get the prize

  • Note that only your best 5 fantasy matches (out fof first 19 fantasy matches) + semifinals & final will be considered for the tournament ranking. So even you miss out or lose few matches ,you can still  compete with others for the he tournament prize.

T20 WORLD CUP Tournament Prizes

2. Fantasy Match Prizes (US $735):

There are total 21 fantasy matches and winner of each fantasy match will get US20$ and 2nd rank holder will get 15$.  First 19 matches are divided  into 5 rounds and 14 daily games. Remaining two are the semifinals & Finals. Try to make your team for every fantasy match to increase your chance to be in winners!

3.League Prizes (US $420):

You can create a team or group of 14 people or you even join any other user’s group and compete with rest of the groups for the League prizes! There is restriction of number of members per league. you can invite 13 Other members to your league. There are total 13 members allowed per league.Only top 4 members of the league will be considered for the league rankings. Only top 5 leagues will be given prizes according to the rankings. Ranking will be based on addition of individual Net Run Rate or the winning margin. There are new features included in league system  from previous 2 tours.League manager has a power of boot out anyone from the league and any league member has a privilege to leave the league anytime he/she wants. Deleting the league option is also there.

T20 WORLD CUP League Prizes


Prize Rules :

  • The Prizes are paid using Moneybookers and Paypal only or you can get prizes in terms of Amazon gift card or through flipkart.com Create Moneybookers or Paypal account.
  • Prizes are paid only after end of the tournament.
  • If you win any of the tournament prize you will not be eligible for the match prize or tournament prize. You will be removed from league ranking and league ranking will get refreshed.
  • You should use only 1 account to Play.Accessing more than one account will result in disqualification at the end of the series.

Important Rules regarding Leagues :

  • You need minimum of 4 members to compete in league in rankings. You can create or join only one league in the tournament
  • you can have max 14 members in your league and from that only Top 4 will be considered for league rankings.It mean when your league competes with other league only combined effort of only Top 4 will be considered for the rankings
  • League prizes will be given to only to the Creator of the league and is his choice and responsibility how he/she distributes it among the league members.
  • Only matches you have played AFTER you have joined the league will be considered in your league ranking.

Useful Links:

So create and manage your team right now , make changes according the twmas regularly ,compete with others and have fun and win some good prizes for T20 WORLD CUP 2012. Go to Cricketinc.com ,Register and Star Playing ! Best of luck!

For how to play and rules ,concept etc please checkout my postCricketinc- the Game
Your valuable suggestions will be appreciated.