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India vs West Indies :Cricketinc prizes


India won test series 2-0 and almost won the third test. Indian spinners have exploited West indies weakness against spin and made most of it. R.Ashwin is very good find for India. Darren bravo  becoming better and better each series and he will lead the batting in future series for West Indies.

Its now time for some  one day action! One day cricket gives west indies a better chance to prove themselves on Indian soil.Westindies batting looks better with Darren bravo in form and inclusion or all rounder  Kierron pollard and Lendle Simmons.Still West Indies miss their two world class players Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo. India have rested their major players like MS Dhoni,Sachin Tendulkar and few are out due to injury like Z khan and Yuvraj singh and Virender Sehwag will lead the Indian side.Jadeja ,Praveen kumar, vinaykumar will be ready continue their good work again.So overall it will be a good contest between two new good looking sides.Get ready for the action.Dont forget to watch it on NEO CRICKET,Doordarshan  in india ,srilanka and rest of the asia, PTV home in pakistan.

Cricketinc : I have already posted information about this site in my previous post – here.


India Vs West Indies (odi) prizes!

Total Prizes are worth 365$

Prizes are divided into 3 Categories

1.Tournament prizes (US $120)
2.Fantasy Match prizes (US $150)
3.League prizes (US 120$)

There are total total 6 fantasy matches and winner of each match will receive prize of US 15$ and 2nd ranker will get 10$.All Fantasy matches are Daily games.



1.Tournament prizes (US $120)

Top 3 ranked users of the world up will receive prizes.

Note that only your best 2 fantasy matches(out of 4) + match number 5  will be considered for the tournament ranking. So even you miss out few matches you will still get opportunity to win the tournament prize.Remember match no5 is mandatory to play.


2. Fantasy Match Prizes (US $150):

There are total 5 fantasy matches and winner of each fantasy match will get US15 $ & Runner up will get 10&
5 Fantasy Matches are divided into Best 2 matches out of first 4 matches & last match is mandatory. so total 3 matches will be counted for the tournament ranking.



3.League Prizes(US 120):

You can make a group with your friends and compete with others for the prizes! There is restriction of number of members per league. you can invite 7 another members for your league. It means there are total 8 members allowed per league.But only top 4 members of the league will be considered for the league rankings.

First three league will get prizes according to the rankings. Ranking will be based on addition of individual Net Run Rate or the winning margin.

Prize Rules :

  • The Prizes are paid using Moneybookers and Paypal only. Click here to create Moneybookers or Paypal account

  • Prizes are paid only after end of the tournament.
  • If you win any of the tournament prize you will not be eligible for the match prize or tournament prize. You will be removed from league ranking and league ranking will get refreshed.
  • You should use only 1 account to Play.Accessing more than one account will result in disqualification at the end of the series.

Important Rules regarding Leagues :

  • You need minimum of 4 members to compete in league in rankings. You can create or join only one league in the tournament
  • you can have max 100 members in your league and from that only Top 4 will be considered for league rankings.It mean when your league competes with other league only combined effort of only Top 4 will be considered for the rankings
  • League prizes will be given to only to the Creator of the league and is his choice and responsibility how he/she distributes it among the league members.
  • Only matches you have played AFTER you have joined the league will be considered in your league ranking.

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