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Cricket -Challengeexchange – IPL 2011 Prizes

CricketChallengeexchange : This site is having game similar to stock market.Players are the stocks and you are initially given some fantasy money (CF$).You have to utilize this to buy and then sell and gain profit.Also there is a competition between the members.your stocks is your team and yo compete with others just like other fantasy cricket. You should challenge others and can accept challenge from others and should beat them to get more & more CF$ and so to top the rankings.
They offer CF$ as prizes and then you have to redeem these CF$ to get good prizes like laptop cellphones,xbox,t shirts, pen drives etc.
you will enjoy this Fantasy game if you are familiar with stock market. Lets see what prizes they are giving for Ultimate t20  (IPL 2011 )2011 Challenge.

Prizes: As i already stated they award winners with CF$ which can be redeemed for lost of prizes! here is prize list.
1.Grand Prize CF$5,000.00
2.Second Places CF$2000.00
3 .10 Consolation PrizesCF$500.00

With these fantasy dollars(CF $) You can shop following items as a prizes.

Cricket-Challengeexchange IPL 2011 Prizes

I will post about game rules and how players get points in coming posts..keep reading! Start playing on cricketChallengeexchange .It is fun and if you have stock market knowledge or experience it will not make much time to understand.

Do you find above information useful? Your valuable suggestions are also appreciated.

Dream11 -Indian Premier League 2011(IPL 2011) Prizes

Dream11-This is one the biggest sites in Fantasy Cricket & Cricket games today.They are the first one to Launch World’1st Graphical Fantasy Cricket Game. Its very nice feeling to select your players and visualize them on the cricket ground! and perform! You will love it when
you play it! just look at below pic for the reference! 

World's 1st Graphical Fantasy Cricket game

They started with T20 World cup 2009 and now running smoothly.They are very consistent in giving prizes. They even sponsored New Zealand team Otago Volts in Champions League 2009 .They preiously offered electronic items (Laptops,Cameras etc ) and Cricket merchandise(Cricket bats etc) as prizes now from last 10 months or so they are giving cash!!!. They offered prizes for match and tournaments and also the league and challenged. Please find out my previous posts for the details.

If you want to check their world cup fantasy game click here – Dream11 Fantasy Cricket World2011 Now  They have  opened   Indiain Premier League   2011 T20  fantasy Cricket Game today  & they carried  challenged  concept  again in prizes..Lets checkout what they have…

Prizes: As we compete in leagues or compete in challenging others .Dream 11 has invented a new concept called group of challenges . Group of challenged is basically mean competing in group. Right now they have  two type of challenges  one is having is Rs.10000  daily prize and other is only for pride. it means if you enter daily challenges  and top the ranking for that day ,you will win Rs 10000!  There are prizes for each day so dont miss out to join challenge each day. Also even if you missout few you still can win on next day so don’t forget to play regularly! I am sure they will add more challenges once tournament goes ahead.Keep checking.

Checkout details of Prizes & Groups!.


Challenges & Prizes


If you want more information on how to play challenged and go to Help!

Are  you ready to compete? do u have enough to beat others?    Then accept the challenge here . Register and  start Playing!!If you want more information go How to Play .

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