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IPL 2012 :My Cricket Predictor

My Cricket Predictor : It is a unique kind of prediction or fantasy cricket game. It is based on purely your observational knowledge about cricket. You need to predict  simple predictions  similar to how much total runs will be scored? ,how many wickets will fall?, how many 4’s and 6’s will be hit  also  some tougher predictions like man of the match ,winning country and much more.  Points are given to the predictions and ultimately the highest point scorer will be eligible for the prizes. Prizes are based on match basis. So for every match you can predict and win prizes.

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Prizes for Indian Premier league 2012 :

My cricket Predictors have 2 kind of  memberships and prizes are based on the type of memberships.

Free User : Free user will get 10 points/match for every match where he  tops the prediction ranking. He can redeem his  30 points for My cricket Predictor T shirt.

Premium Member : My Cricket Predictor offers lifetime premium membership for  US 5$.  Premium member will get  US 20$ per every match he tops in the prediction ranking.


My Cricket Predictor Prizes


Prediction Categories : There are so many predictions catagories you have to enter correct predictions in.Make sure you go through previous results and pitch conditions and etc important aspect of the cricket before predicting . Prediction closed before a one hour of every match or (match day)’s starting time.

Predictio Categories

So its a great chance to win some exciting prize money. Register -My cricket Predictor   and win  lots of prize money !

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