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Welcome to Fantasy Cricket

Welcome to Fantasy Cricket Basics.This site helps to understand fantasy cricket better.It will help beginners to clear their concepts about fantasy cricket and its types and the rules.Fantasy cricket is growing field in sports industry and this site help you to become integral part of it.

This site will give tips and techniques for beginning user to become successful Fantasy Cricket Player.If you have questions not covered in Fantasy Cricket Basics please feel free to email your question.

Important sites for the Cricket Information

There are tons of sites available on the internet which provides live scorecards, statistics,player records and etc.But very very few have detailed information about players,grounds, records ,photos,trivia ,news and etc. These sites help me to keep eye on stats as well as help me to get live
score as fast as possible and so i can use that to improve as fantasy cricket knowledge and skills. Cricketsouthfrica provides very crucial news about their players. Same as the Srilankan site.

The most important sites for the information purpose are

4.m.cricbuzz.com(for fastest score!)

Cricinfo and Cricbuzz are the leaders in case of stats, records, photos,live scores are concerned.
Cricketarchives have scorecards of even past ranji matches or any countries first class matches. cricbuzz’s mobile site is fastest in live scorecard and its free from advertisement! rest all are important from cricket news point of view.