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Indian Premier League 2013 Fantasy Cricket :Cricketinc.com

Indian Premier  League is just few days away from its start .There are many Fantasy Cricket Sites out there covering IPL 2013 Fantasy Cricket.Cricketinc is one of the consistent names in Fantasy Cricket world.Lets see what they have for IPL this year.

Cricketinc.com Fantasy IPL 2013 : The rules for fantasy IPL 2013 are changed from last years somewhat .Major change is you can select any player Twice .So if you select any player  two times   his performance will get double value. Another change comes with that is there is no restriction  on number of players selection from one particular team.Previously you were allowed to select only 8 players from one of the teams.

There are total 66 Fantasy matches in this years IPL  and only best 16 + {(Q1 &Eliminator),Q2 }+ Final will be counted for the Tournament Rankings.

Prizes :

There are Plenty of Prizes for IPL 2013.Prizes for Top rankers of the IPL203, Top ranker of the each match and League prizes as well.Take a look.

Tournament Prizes :

Tournament Prizes are worth Total 1025 $ .Top 10 Ranked Users will get Tournament Prizes as follows.Tournament Prizes  IPL


Match Prizes :

Match prizes are worth total  1650 US$ .Top rank user of each match will get 25 US$. As there are total 66 matches Plenty of matches to get one your selection dead right for the match prize!






















































League Prizes :

League Prizes are worth  940 US$. Top  5 leagues in the league rankings will get the prizes as follows.



Prize Rules :

  • The Prizes are paid using Moneybookers and Paypal only or you can get prizes in terms of Amazon gift card or through flipkart.com Create Moneybookers or Paypal account.
  • Prizes are paid only after end of the tournament.
  • If you win any of the tournament prize you will not be eligible for the match prize or tournament prize. You will be removed from league ranking and league ranking will get refreshed.
  • You should use only 1 account to Play.Accessing more than one account will result in disqualification at the end of the series.

Important Rules regarding Leagues :

  • You need minimum of 4 members to compete in league in rankings. You can create or join only one league in the tournament
  • you can have max 14 members in your league and from that only Top 4 will be considered for league rankings.It mean when your league competes with other league only combined effort of only Top 4 will be considered for the rankings
  • Only matches you have played AFTER you have joined the league will be considered in your league ranking.

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So there are plenty of Prizes for this years IPL.Make Sure you make teams regularly.Even if you miss few ,you still have chance to compete for the tournament because only your best 16 matches will be counted out of total 66! But make sure you don’t miss mandatory matches which are(q1 +eliminator ),Q2 and Final.Best of Luck!