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IPL 2012:LiveFantasyCricket

Livefantasycricket.com   is recently developed  new British  fantasy cricket recently  site. Their  Fantasy cricket based game is point system game.It means you can select players and points will be give to their performance like wickets taken,runs scored and rest others. There game is updated ball by ball which is new unique feature . You can also complete against groups or other families and enjoy playing as a group.You can  register with unique team name or you can login with your Facebok or twitter as well to create a team.  Please click here is to sign up or sing in with your facebook or twitter account –Livefantasycricket



PRIZES  of  Indian Premier League 2012

There are so  many fantasy cricket sites are there which cover IPL cricket game but only few of them offer prizes for winners.Livefantasycricket.com is one of the site among them.


They offer total prizes worth  US $ 2100  (apprx 1,05,000 INR) !

Top3 rank holders will get prizes as below.

1.US $ 1500

2.US $ 300

3.US $ 200

Also there are prizes for other catogaries as well see the picture below for details. Also Please read  terms and conditions regarding prizes here –Terms and Conditions

Livefantasycricket.com's Prizes Ipl2012


The Game :  The game is similar to most of the point system fantasy games. You have to select 11 players in a one  of the three combinations of players –

A.4-4-2  : 4 batsmen,4 bowlers & 2 allrounders

B.4-5-1  : 4 batsmen,5 bowlers & 1 allrounder

C.5-4-1  : 5 batsmen,4 bowlers & 1 allrounder

1 Wicketkeeper is mandatory.

My team

You have total 32 substitutions to make in the whole IPL 2012 Tournament.So use them carefully and tactically according to fixtures to score most of the points.

Your selected players will score points as matches progresses and ultimately the winners will be decided on the top point scored basis. For scoring  point rules  please checkout  Scoring Point section.

Go to HOW TO PLAY section for all the details.

There is Expert Corner   and   Players Stats   section as  well  to help you in selecting your team and scoring more points.

Important Links : You can Like and Follow LiveFantasyCricket’s facebook and twitter account.You can ask queries and get any information on those.



So please sign up on Livefantasycricket.com and enjoy fantasy cricket during IPL 2012 and win lots of prizes as well.Best of luck.

Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.





Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2011:Cricketinc Prizes

Pakistan is playing good cricket after horrible spot-fixing issue.The won test series by 1-0 and in a convincing manner.On the hand srilankan team looks dismantled after world cup..They lost against Australia and now they lumped to defeat against new looking Pakistan.

One Day  Cricket is after all  a day cricket.The team that plays well on a day wins the contest.Sri lanka and Pakistan both are  good times and they know each others strong and weak points..Srilanka will be boosted by inclusion of Malinga,Fernando and same is the case with pakistan as Shahid Afridi will return to limited overs cricket after long brake  also the inclusion of Umar Akmal.Umar Akmal and AbduL Razzak played well in hongkong sixes recently and they will be in good touch.

It will be touGh to  say who will dominate this ODI series and both teams are good enough to beat each other..But I think pakistan has more edge as far as bowling and all rounders are concerned.It will be good contest to watch.Dont forget to watch it on TEN CRICKET in india,pakistan,srilanka and rest of the asia.

Cricketinc : I have already posted information about this site in my previous post – here.


Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka (odi and t20) prizes!

Total Prizes are worth 390$

Prizes are divided into 3 Categories

1.Tournament prizes (US $120)
2.Fantasy Match prizes (US $150)
3.League prizes (US 120$)

There are total total 6 fantasy matches and winner of each match will receive prize of US 15$ and 2nd ranker will get 10$.All Fantasy matches are Daily games.



1.Tournament prizes (US $120)

Top 3 ranked users of the world up will receive prizes.

Note that only your best 2 fantasy matches(out of 5) + match number 5  will be considered for the tournament ranking. So even you miss out few matches you will still get opportunity to win the tournament prize.

2. Fantasy Match Prizes (US $150):

There are total 6 fantasy matches and winner of each fantasy match will get US15 $ & Runner up will get 10&
6 Fantasy Matches are divided into Best 2 matches out of first 5 matches & last match is mandatory. so total 3 matches will be counted for the tournament ranking.

3.League Prizes(US 120):

You can make a group with your friends and compete with others for the prizes! There is restriction of number of members per league. you can invite 99 another members for your league. It means there are total 100 member allowed per league.But only top 4 members of the league will be considered for the league rankings.

First three league will get prizes according to the rankings. Ranking will be based on addition of individual Net Run Rate or the winning margin.

  Prize Rules :

  • The Prizes are paid using Moneybookers and Paypal only. Click here to create Moneybookers or Paypal account

  • Prizes are paid only after end of the tournament.
  • If you win any of the tournament prize you will not be eligible for the match prize or tournament prize. You will be removed from league ranking and league ranking will get refreshed.
  • You should use only 1 account to Play.Accessing more than one account will result in disqualification at the end of the series.

Important Rules regarding Leagues :

  • You need minimum of 4 members to compete in league in rankings. You can create or join only one league in the tournament
  • you can have max 100 members in your league and from that only Top 4 will be considered for league rankings.It mean when your league competes with other league only combined effort of only Top 4 will be considered for the rankings
  • League prizes will be given to only to the Creator of the league and is his choice and responsibility how he/she distributes it among the league members.
  • Only matches you have played AFTER you have joined the league will be considered in your league ranking.

Useful Links:


I hope you find above information interesting will play on Cricketinc . Are you ready? Go to Cricketinc.com ,Register and Star Playing !

For how to play and rules ,concept etc please checkout my postCricketinc- the Game

Don’t forget to watch these exciting limited overs cricket live on various sport channels or live streaming on webistes or at least keep and keep and eye on live scores.

Your valuable suggestions will be appreciated.